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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Las Vegas

3344 South Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

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It has devoted its efforts to creating a collection of upscale clubs unlike any other in the world. The chain of the strip clubs have a "One-of-a-kind" ambience and style. Whether in one of the world's great cities or at a remote and far away place, each is designed to enhance every aspect of a customer's experience, creating a sense of place by reflecting the location's culture, history and geography.

It is our belief that true world-class status is achieved only when a club facility combines the values and traditions of the local community with exceptional service, a luxury product and incredible attention to detail. This distinction has elevated Spearmint Rhino's collection of clubs into the upper echelon of destinations for sophisticated customers, employees and entertainers alike around the globe. Services typically include the finest food and beverages, attentive management, unmatched interiors, superb entertainment and shows including adult film star performances on a regular basis. There is no competition for the Spearmint Rhino stripclub as the world's leader in upscale gentlemen's club entertainment of the finest quality.

When you think of the concept of any 'ole strip club, chances are you mind meanders to a place where men ogle half-naked women uncontrollably as they nurse the last few ounces of stale beer. In the background, muffled 80's rock echoes from speakers and gets lost within the establishment's wooden features, which seem to have soaked up 30 years of the club's filth and grime. Even before you walk through the door, you feel disgusting, filthy, and out of place. Now, take that imagery and turn it completely about. You'll find yourself dreaming of a place where every minute detail is inviting. You'll find yourself dreaming of a place where the men are respectful of the gorgeous girls as they accentuate each of their tantalizing curves. You'll find yourself dreaming of a little place in the Las Vegas valley known oddly as the Spearmint Rhino.

There are plenty of strip clubs in Sin City, but few match up to the sheer brilliance and quality that the club has to offer. Before you can even enjoy every bit of ornamental decor beyond the club's doors, your eyes will be pulled in every direction to catch a glimpse of some of Las Vegas' sexiest topless dancers. You'll realize that the quality of girls is so uncanny to the point that you will spend a small portion of the night trying to find just one flaw on their perfectly shaped bodies. It really is a waste of time, though. None exist.

It follows in the footsteps of any old strip club in the sense that it offers a good time with beautiful ladies. On any given trip to the this hot spot, it's imperative that you take advantage of the private seating and lap-dance rooms. No matter which way you swing, the ladies can get a rise out of any individual, and just one lap dance will send you over the edge.

If you can ever pry your wanton eyes off of the club's curvaceous prizes, you'll come to find that the gentlemens' club does justice to strip club decor. Coming in at a whopping 18,000-square-feet, Rhino offers a main room that houses the club's center stage. Accenting the tipping stage are miniature go-go stages in a second room, where guests can retreat to when the main area fills up a bit. A third space provides a second tipping stage, and while it may not match the main stage in size, the quality of the dancers atop it is quite the same.

There's only one way to truly experience a strip club, especially one as opulent as this venue, and that's within the comfort of your own, private VIP seating. If you thought drinking in the sexuality of these girls was relaxing, wait until you do it in one of the club's VIP areas. Additional to VIP seating and private lap-dance-booths, Spearmint Rhino offers a unique set of cabanas, complete with closable curtains. These small areas allow the guest to decide whether or not they wish to be a part of the club's main action. When a little privacy is desired, all that's required is a pull of the curtain.

Have a girl that you're quite fond of? Make use of Rhino's private VIP lounge. Here, you can have your every whim and desire mentally satisfied with a sexy girl of your choice. More then just a booth, these lounges are spacious and comfortable and make you feel like your money is more then well spent.

This strip club may be perfect for those nights after a hard days work, but there's not doubt as to the usefulness the club has as a space for a bachelor or bachelorette party. For details on VIP access to Spearmint Rhino, which includes a VIP limo transfer, front-of-the-line club access, and a premium bottle service, contact Bachelorette VIP, a service known for its VIP connections.

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