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Blush Nightclub Las Vegas

@ Wynn Las Vegas: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109
This Venue is Closed !
Music:Not Available.
Dress Code:Not Available.
Line Wait:Not Available.
Events:Not Available.



Average Visitor Review:Blush Nightclub
3.0 out of 5.0
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  • 4.0 on Apr 15, review by Elena V.
    ''''Always fun''''
    I regularly go to the Blush, it is good club for locals and they really treat ladies nice, we always have great deals, since Blush is a boutique club it doesn't have much room to party but VIP tables are literally located at the dance floor. Blush and Lavo two clubs that are my favorites, they are small but local and ladies friendly.
  • 2.0 on Apr 25, review by Vlad K.
    ''''Hold your drink''''
    I have been at Blush once, I loved the patio, decor and the crowd but there is one big problem, if you leave your drink unattended its GONE! happened to me twice, after payin 16 dollars for a drink I took a sip and put the glass around the dance floor area, when I came back the drink was gone, I bought another one, this time bus person took it right front of me, it was frustrating, if course I hold a tight grip on my third drink!. - ( )
  • 2.0 on Jan 15, review by Sarah H.
    ''''Local Spot''''
    I have been at Blush many times, they took care of local girls, we always had free bottle service there, I hope they will reopen it soon.