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Rehab Pool Party & Cabana Rental

@ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 4455 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Music:Not Available.
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Seating:Not Available.

Cabana Rental & VIP Packages

  • Pool Party Cabana
    What's included:
    • VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to Pool
    • Pool Party VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • Reserved Cabana
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • Pool Party VIP Entry
    What's included:
    • VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to Pool
    • Pool Party VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • Reserved Day Bed
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • Daylife & Nightlife 24hr Party
    What's included:
    • VIP Host
    • Limo Transfers
    • Pool Party VIP Entry + Cabana
    • Nightclub Entry + Table
    • Strip Club Entry + Table
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

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Average Visitor Review:Rehab
4.5 out of 5.0
based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews
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  • 5.0 on Feb 20, review by Katherine M.
    ''My new favorite club''
    My friends and I recently visited Rehab for a bachelorette party. We rented a cabana and let’s just say it was well worth the money. Our waitress was really sweet and provided excellent service. The pool is huge and the music was great. Our group was staying at the Hard Rock so Rehab was very convenient and close to our room. Most importantly, the bride-to-be had an incredible time. - ( Rehab%20Las%20Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on May 2, review by Christy F.
    ''Best Sunday pool party ''
    I was at Rehab pool party once and I never forget how crazy it was, I saw the craziest things ever; hot and drunk chicks, great music, all kind of celebrities. The only drawback is the dirty water:( - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Jun 19, review by Tedd B.
    ''Despite the amount of people, you never feel too crowded''
    I took my lady to Rehab for her last birthday party and it was the best idea I've ever had. Despite the amount of people, you never feel too crowded. The pricing for the cabanas was a little high, but well worth it! We've decided to go back as often as possible. - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Jul 11, review by Gregory V.
    ''Crowded, but GREAT!''
    I have spent plenty of time poolside in Vegas to know off the bat whether I'm going to enjoy myself. Before I even entered Rehab, I thought the massive crowd of people was going to ruin the experience... but really it just enhances it! Amenities are amazing! And the party is one everyone should experience. - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on Aug 22, review by Tara L.
    ''Perfect Bachelorette Party ''
    My girls and I went to Rehab back in August for my bachelorette party and couldn't believe how much fun it was. From the music to the atmosphere, Rehab has everything a Las Vegas pool party should. The sun was excruciatingly hot, but there is enough water to go around in at Rehab. One of us just got engaged, so you can bet we'll be going back here next year! - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.0 on Sep 4, review by Roy B.
    ''Want to People Watch? Go to Rehab''
    I was a little surprised by the amount of people at Rehab. I had heard it was always packed, but I never expected this! Because of the mass of people, though, I was able to enjoy some great sight seeing! The girls here are uninhibited and will do anything for attention. It certainly isn't a family venue, but Rehab is perfect for us lonely men! - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.0 on Nov 19, review by Ortho H.
    ''Pricey but worth it''
    A dip in a resort pool, than a ride on the lazy river! What a perfect day my time at Rehab turned out to be. Blackjack IN the hot tub by far made the experience as perfect as it was. Though the day was fairly pricey, you can guarantee that I'll be going back! - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 2.0 on Jan 7, review by Vanda S.
    ''Rude General Manager''
    I was going to tell my story not long after I came back to Australia, but I got busy. And funny enough, I turned on my cable today and Rehab was on. Anyway, I was going to give Rehab 10 stars. My friends and family had a blast. Parties we'd never forget for the rest of our life. But when we were there, just so happened that we saw Matt treated one of Rehab employee so poorly as if she was a slave. My best friend went up to him and asked him to chill and be a man (obviously he's not) and he told him off and said "it's none of your business". Treating a staff as if they were slave was bad enough, but we were Rehab's guest. As a business owner, just a small business owner, I know that he didn't make Rehab success. Rehab has always been success under Justin's management. Just so happened, he left and he took over. Matt the tool just reaped what Justin's saw. My fiancee and I are planning our bachelor and bachelorette party. Of course Rehab is the first thing that comes in our mind. I'll book in the best cabana you have and let you run $100K minimum on my Amex card as soon as I hear from you. On one condition, that tool is no longer working there. Regards, Angel Winata - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.0 on Jan 24, review by Editor P.
    ''Every Sunday''
    Opening at the end of April, Rehab is open Sunday mornings at 11 AM until 7:30 PM. This pool party takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool and you will not want to miss it. Dig Dug and Mikey Swift will be on hand to offer the best rock, hip hop, and jungle mixes of the day. After spending a long naughty weekend in Sin City, spending a day at the pool can definitely be a Rehab worthy experience. Of course, you've never experienced a rehab like this one. - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.0 on Jan 24, review by Editor P.
    ''Daybeds are the primary furniture''
    Rehab offers relaxation and comfort all the way around. You can enjoy massages straight from Rock Spa and Pink Taco will be on hand to offer a flame grill. When you are ready to indulge in a drink you will find some of the best exotic drinks ready and waiting for you. Daybeds are the primary furniture and they surround the pool to offer a comfortable spot to sit when you are not lounging in the luxurious pool or indulging in some seriously relaxing spa activities. - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on Sep 18, review by Tahlia .
    No, not the pool party. Rehab is what I need after the weekend I just had thanks to this place. My body feels a little violated, in the best way, of course. We partied at Marquee Dayclub to start. Apparently there was a limo transfer, but we were actually staying in the Cosmo to begin with, so it wasn't needed. We did get a VIP cabana - somethign that is otherwise IMPOSSIBLE to get without dropping thousands. also, VIP entry to Marquee Nightclub. What a sexy nightclub. We also missed out on Crazy Horse, as we kind of fell sleep after the party at the two Marquees. Umm... STILL WORTH THE MONEY - ( Rehab Las Vegas Review )